Life Is Beautiful

It can also be challenging.

It has ups, downs & everything in between. 

Life’s about learning how to come back to your center time & time (& time) again. 

Through breath. Movement. Meditation. Connection. Intention. Love. 

It’s about focusing on the beauty & strength within the heart.

It's about expressing the poetry & prose of this beauty from the inside out.

The retreats, bodywork, classes, personal training & writing that I offer are about sharing this beautiful journey together: body, mind & soul. 

I look forward to connecting, dear Heart.

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At my core, I am an advocate of love.

I am a believer in the transformative powers of reflection, connection, and movement.

After years of training in ballet, I immersed myself in a myriad of dance forms, including folkloric, modern & hip-hop in college. Upon moving to Oakland in 2000, I studied Tae Kwon Do & kickboxing to find a new way to move & release. In my continual quest for deeper knowledge, I became an AFPA certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach.  All of this fuels the fire for the energy, inspiration & positivity into every dance fitness class I teach.

After experiencing the profound benefits of receiving regular bodywork, I was inspired to pursue studies at the McKinnon Institute and was instantly drawn into the world of Shiatsu. I was invited to teach this beautiful art form a few years later, and taught with a focus on self-awareness, connection, and intuition.  I also work as a UC Berkeley Health Coach which entails working with other trainers to create workouts, as well as working 1:1 with clients to help them meet goals and develop positive behaviors in exercise, eating, sleeping, stress reduction, and mindfulness.  Most recently, I became a certified hatha yoga instructor.  I currently teach Gentle Yoga classes for UC Berkeley staff in addition to dance fitness, strength, and yoga classes with heart & soul at studios in Oakland.

In October 2016 I took my first Hermosas (Women's Wellness Retreats) to Tulum, Mexico to put together all the pieces of what I offer.  After 5 beautiful retreats, I am excited to offer the next one at Chacala in June 2019 (see "Retreats" to sign up.)

In November 2017, I became a published author with my first book READY, which touches on massage, meditation, and dance as part of my journey to find love, which ultimately leads to self-love. Autographed books are available directly through me (see "books" section).

When I'm not moving or writing, I can be found taking photos of flowers & clouds or sipping on champagne with the Loves in my life.


Let's connect, Love.

Heather Alaine

Oakland, CA.

(510) 507-3209

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