Shiatsu-based Bodywork

We’ll work with the energy systems in your body to help restore balance. Shiatsu is at the  core of this bodywork combined with elements of acupressure, reflexology and craniosacral therapy. All massages are done on a comfortable massage mat on the floor.

How To Prepare

* Arrive on time.

* Wear comfortable clothing with an open neck that you don't mind getting oil on.

* Hydrate beforehand.

* Come ready to relax.

Your Experience

* We'll begin with a 15-minute check in.

* You’ll be on a heated mat on the floor.

* The room will be kept warm to ensure total relaxation of your muscles.

* Relaxing music will be playing to allow your mind to wonder.

* Massage lasts for 75 minutes.

* You’ll leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated, or “mipsy” (massage tipsy).


Mondays 5:30 & 7:15p

Wednesdays 5:30 & 7:15p

Saturdays 10:15a, 12:15p, 2p, 3:45p

Sundays 3:30p & 5:30p


Let's Connect, Love.

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Heather Alaine

Oakland, CA.

(510) 507-3209



Receiving bodywork from Heather renews my sense of hope and leaves me feeling nourished, grounded and grateful about life.  Heather combines gentle strength with great communication, a sense of humor, and a strong intuition. 

~ Natasha S.

The best thing about Heather’s massages is that the heavenly peaceful feeling they impart actually stays with you for the rest of the day, and you can feel the positive effects on your body throughout the week. 

~ Kathy M.

Heather is truly a healer. Her massages ease your body and your soul.  Receiving bodywork from her regularly has made a positive impact on my life, on all levels. 

~ Britt B.

Heather is passionate about massage and uses her talent to apply what is needed to your body. She talks to you about what is going on and then takes you on a journey of relaxation & rejuvenation. You will feel lighter and energized. 

~ Karen P.

Heather’s bodywork transcends traditional massage therapy– she includes her heart, and the light of her soul, into every experience. The personalized bodywork is luxurious, healing, and restorative, feeling like a much-needed gift to myself. She offers her full energy, focus, and presence. My experience with Heather has been transformative.

~ Danya M.

Heather has a calming and caring presence. She is very attentive to what you need to help your body feel it’s best. After a massage with Heather, I feel extremely relaxed and the tension I once felt melted away.  

~ Kamilah M.

Heather’s positive and energetic attitude is always a delight. Heather’s massage techniques have allowed my body to lose some of its chronic tension (esp in my neck, shoulders, back).  I now get regular monthly massages and look forward to every session (both for the massage and the check-in!) I leave feeling relaxed and calm.

~ Avanti G.

Heather’s energy is very inviting and open. I’ve seen a positive difference in my body’s response physically, and also mentally. My body always leaves feeling “open” and relaxed, and my mind is at peace.  

~ Gabriela N.