Loving for your Body & Soul

Class Schedule


Tuesdays 7:15p Dance Party

Wednesdays 7a Sunrise Yoga

Thursdays 7:15p SolStrong

Sunday 11:15a SolStrength

Sunday 12:30p DanceAmor

FLEX// 3925 Piedmont Ave // Oakland


Class Descriptions


Dance Party Workout

A mix of music & movements that will get ya movin’ and groovin’ with the goal of getting your heart rate up, allow you to feel the feels and will leave your spirit soaring.

Sunrise Yoga

Wake up with a gentle practice to ease you into your morning with a revitalized body and calm mind. Experience the benefits of body/mind awareness, increased flexibility, and ease in poses that require more strength. Leave feeling more connected, grounded and grateful. 


A full body workout with easy-to-follow choreography and soulful music, you’ll almost forget that you’re lunging, squatting and doing pushups.  Almost. Created by Heather Alaine, SolStrong helps you strengthen your muscles for daily life, find your inner grit, and deepen your relationship with your body. You’ll leave class with feeling grounded, powerful, and ready for whatever life throws at you.


From Rihanna to Shakira to Wande Coal, this class will inspire you to dance from the heart and raise your heart rate. Using a variety of musical and choreography styles, DanceAmor is a unique dance fitness class designed by Heather Alaine that exercises your body and invites you to take everything life brings and to express it — loudly, softly, gracefully, with humor and hella heart. DanceAmor uses movement to bring us back to center, so we can show up more fully for a world in need of our love.  

Personal Training


Strength training using a mix of weights, resistance bands, weighted balls & the body’s own resistance for fun workouts that build strength in safe and effective ways.

Sessions are 1 hour long at a private studio in Oakland.

Yoga 1:1


Yoga basics for beginners focusing on form and making poses work for your body. Whether your intention is to develop a home practice or to feel ready to take classes with confidence, this is a wonderful place to begin.

Sessions are 1.25 hours long at a private studio in Oakland.


Let's connect, Love!

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Heather Alaine

Oakland, CA.

(510) 507-3209



Before meeting Heather I was a couch potato. Four years after meeting her I still work out six to eight hours a week! Fitness is now a reward, not a chore. Heather’s style is energetic and uplifting. When you’re laughing and singing, the workout flies by. I am happier with my life, on and off the dance floor, because of Heather. She’s made me a better, healthier person. The essential ingredients for life are air, food, water and Heather.

~ Karen Zachery, Lambda School, Director of Admissions

When Wednesday rolls around after negotiating an exhausting week of activism, parenting, elder care and overall disappointment in today's current affairs, I find myself standing behind Heather's positive and brilliant light reminding me to breathe and scream and move...and put my flavor on it! I dance my heart out with tears streaming down my face with gratitude for a space where music and dance reminds me that I too am that positive and brilliant light. Thank you Heather!

~ Tarah Flemming, Start Dialogue, Lead Trainer and Creator 

I have now been working with Heather for over a year.  Every workout is unique and well thought out.  Her energy is always positive.  Her experience and knowledge in the realm of intense exercise is immediately apparent.  Most importantly, she has helped me attain all of my physical fitness goals.  Working with Heather has turned into a most pleasant experience and one of the best decisions I have made in recent years. 

~ Mark Ibanez, KTVU Channel Two, Sports Director

Heather’s classes have changed my life. Not only am I more fit and energetic, but now I actually look forward to working out and miss it when I don’t. She has mad skills, helping you be mindful about your moves. She throws down some great choreography to great music. But her superpower is her attitude, so positive and infectious. Heather’s honestly, wisdom and humor help get you through the most challenging moments. You laugh, you cry, you sweat, and you definitely have fun. You leave class on a “Heather high” which lasts throughout the day. She’s the best!

~ Cathy Fischer, Independent Producer

I have been going to Heather's classes for over five years now. She is one of my absolutely favorite Choreographers. Her amazing energy, positive talks of self-love and focus of mind-body balancing choreography always left my mind and body empowered. I would definitely recommend heather's classes to anyone and everyone who is in search of a great physical work-out and a boost of spirits.

~ Yang Hou

Heather’s dance classes are therapy for my mind, body and soul. When I meet her on the dance floor I feel bathed in love and body positivity. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I leave feeling stronger, more myself and better equipped to navigate life’s bumps while still remember to soak up the beauty. Thank you Heather.

~ Kelsey Blackwell, Freelance Writer, blogger and dancer

My first class at Hipline was taught by Heather, and I was hooked from the first song! Her energy, enthusiasm, and positivity are out of this world, while her passion for movement is contagious. Dancing with Heather is always a joyful and exciting journey!

~ Lisha Yates

From the warm smile when I walk into class, to the hilarious jokes sprinkled throughout, and closing with the right amount of quiet and self reflection, I couldn't imagine NOT going to class! I also really enjoy Heather's teaching style because it's as if I'm hanging out with a good friend and before I know it I'm laughing, sweating, singing along, correcting my posture and-believe it or not-I'm ready for more. Heather's energy is inspirational and infectious and never fails to start or end my day just beautifully!

~ Becki Smith, Larkin Street Services, Associate Director

When I walked into my first Hipline Shimmy Pop class at Hipline two years ago, Heather greeted me with an energy and warmth as she asked me if I wanted any glitter. I knew I hadn't walked into just any dance class once I sprinkled it on and welcomed her "soldiers of love" into class. By the end, I was hooked; I have continued going back to my "dance therapy" sessions with her since then. She infuses her classes with a vibrant energy that makes your heart soar out of excitement and make you dance bigger than you thought you could. She also keeps you grounded by reminding you that you are here with a purpose. It's those gentle reminders sprinkled in between a shimmy or a pop that really makes her classes special. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone who gets the chance to take them! As an added bonus to us all, that same energy she has was recently put into her first book, Ready, which was a joyous read!

~ Lucina Parada

Heather is amazing. I’ve been taking her Shimmy Pop classes at Hipline Lakeshore for about two years. In every class, she somehow manages to finds the sweet spot between giggles, deep inner mindfulness, flirtation, romance, and just straight up dance therapy. She really does bring her HEART to the dance floor. No matter what mindset I come into class with, I leave feeling energetic and refreshed, as if a weight has been lifted. Dance with Heather! You won’t regret it!

~ Kayla Taron, Author and Illustrator

Heather’s energy as a dance teacher is outrageously uplifting and contagiously fun.  Her classes are the most cardiovascularly challenging work outs I’ve found and I am a 2 hour a day work out type of woman.  Your body, and moreover, your spirit will be served deeply by checking out Heather’s classes.

~ Rachel Kaplan, Holistic Psychotherapist and Yoga teacher

If I could go to every single one of Heather’s classes, I would! I know that especially on those days when my energy is low, as soon as I drag myself into Heather’s Shimmy or Power Pop class, I will be immediately restored to my most enthusiastic and whole self. I believe Heather makes us all feel like we deserve to feel beautiful and healthy and strong and like the rest of the day doesn’t matter as much as the time we have given ourselves to stretch and dance it out! Her warm and generous spirit is fully present throughout each routine, and each time I see Heather, I always get a huge smile which actually feels like I’m getting a huge hug! Without fail, I feel empowered, refreshed, and sweaty after a Heather class, and that’s perfect!

~ Ali Lawrence, Writing Coach and Copywriter

Heather is such a positive, uplifting instructor!  Her classes are super-high energy, and I feel healthier and happier after each hour with Heather.  I have gone down one dress size and both my strength and my stamina continue to improve.  Everyone needs a little Heather in their life!

~ Tracy Hatamiya, Attorney-turned-Stay at home mom

From the minute Heather’s smile lights up the room until the time she says, “See ya’ll later, all you beautiful ladies,” I’m glad I came.  Beyond the wonderful class she teaches, Heather’s positive energy is contagious.  As someone who continues to struggle with weight and the insecurities that surround that, it’s encouraging to be in class with an amazing teacher that constantly reminds me how awesome I am.

~ I’Asha Warfield, Middle School Teacher

I have nothing but positive things to say about Heather to anyone who asks.  I happened upon her class at Hipline a few months ago and I have loved every minute. Shimmy Pop is an excellent cardio workout that pairs fun dance moves and positive energy.   I believe that you meet people at the exact moment that you are supposed to.  During the current transitions in my life, I am inspired by Heather’s energy and uplifting aura.  In the time that I have known her, I can say that Heather is someone I look up to and aspire emulate in my own life.

~ Charlotte Pickett, Middle School Math Teaching Associate